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Cheap Florida Car Insurance

Moving to Florida and wondering about Auto Insurance? Here’s a ready reckoner to help choose the best Auto Insurance.

Very Important: Make sure you buy Insurance only from Florida licensed Insurance companies. Even if you have insurance from another state, ask your insurance agent to transfer it to an insurance company licensed by the Florida Department of Financial Services.

Florida is a “No –fault” Insurance state which means regardless of who is at fault in an accident you pay for your own injuries. As per The Florida Motor Vehicle No Fault Law, it’s mandatory to carry PIP and PDL coverage while your car is registered in Florida. You have to show proof of coverage to get your tags, and License. By law you are required to continuously have coverage as long as your car is registered in Florida.

To register a car in Florida, you need a minimum of $ 10,000 of Personal Injury Protection (PIP), and $ 10,000 Property Damage Liability (PLD).

Comparing and choosing the best Auto Insurance Scheme in Florida

Some of the coverages that are available to you for Florida Car Insurance are as follows:

  • Comprehensive
  • Glass
  • Collision
  • PIP
  • Medical Payments
  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Uninsured Motorists
  • Under Insured Motorists
  • Rental
  • Roadside
  • DUI
  • Florida SR-22
  • Florida FR-44

Start online to compare quotes of different combinations.  Higher coverage does not necessarily mean a very high rate. Do a bit of what-if analysis to arrive at the right balance of coverage for the price.  There might be workplace arrangements with insurance companies which will give you a better rate. Be sure to check the option before going to another company.  You will also get discounts if you buy insurance online without calling an agent, and it is fairly easy to do so. Take the help of a computer-savvy friend or relative if you do not feel you can do it by yourself.

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Comparing and choosing the best Auto Insurance Scheme in Florida

Part 2 – Comparing and choosing the best Auto Insurance Scheme in Florida

Guidelines for good Florida auto insurance rates

Premiums are yummy chocolate confections straight out of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Eat as many as you want, you will never gain weight and will always look and feel young.  Sigh!  If only, right?

May not be chocolate but let’s sweeten this Florida auto insurance premium business by informing and making you an aware buyer. Many factors go into the determination of auto insurance premiums and each insurance company has its own method to this madness.  Here we discuss those factors which you are in control and can leverage for low car insurance quotes.

A good insurance rate is dependant on your credit history, Age and Car & the Area you live in.

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Guidelines for good Florida auto insurance rates

How to reduce Florida auto insurance premiums

An incident free driving history has a bonus by way of reduction in Florida auto insurance premiums. Auto Insurance companies love good and safe drivers. The way good drivers are rewarded by insurance companies differs. Each company has its own rules and formulas. A lengthy safe driving record helps to get good driver discounts. The more time you have spent behind the wheel without any tickets or qualifying incidents  the quantum of your Florida auto insurance premiums also goes down.

Mature Driver Florida Insurance Discount course:

If you are 50 and above sign up for an online $15.00 mature driver course and save 10% typically leading to a $300.00 discount in premium over 3 years.

Safety features in a car like seat belts, airbags, theft prevention features, GPS tracking, anti-lock brakes gets you discounts. The vehicle you choose to drive comes with a certain safety footprint which is carefully vetted by insurance companies.

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How to reduce Florida auto insurance premiums

Will Florida end PIP and no fault laws for auto insurance?

The mandatory PIP (Personal injury Protection) insurance of $10,000 was passed so that people involved in an accident would get immediate medical relief, and eliminate or reduce costly lawsuits. The unintended consequence of this is an increase in insurance fraud, higher premiums for low Florida car insurance coverage.

If a motorist hits a pedestrian or a cyclist, the medical bills will be a millstone around their neck since they do not carry auto insurance and the no fault laws do not help to recover costs easily.

The new proposal was to end PIP in favor of drivers getting a minimum of $25,000 coverage for   bodily injury caused to others or death, and $50,000 to cover bodily injury or death of two or more people.  But this would also mean that litigations to recoup costs would go up by victims of accidents.  Such a move would also make those who cannot afford insurance ever more vulnerable since the cost of premiums would also be higher…

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Florida Auto Insurance Fraud

By taking advantage of soft regulations in Florida, the auto insurance fraud has become very familiar. As the personal injury protection claims are inflated, the cost of insurance will also increase. Thus, policyholders will pay a higher rate of insurance. As a matter of fact, no fault laws are introduced to lower the cost of insurance. It is intended to keep the claims out of court. As per the no-fault laws applicable in Florida, insurers should cover the injury costs regardless of who is at fault.

Burden on insurers

Insurers should pay $10,000 per person under Florida’s law. As the insurer should pay regardless of the injury, staging an accident has become very common in Florida. Scammers utilize this opportunity, and the number of claims is increasing at a continuous pace. Thus, it led to the increase in average no-fault claim costs. It is noticed that criminal groups have set up rings comprising of fraud clinics fraudulent doctors and lawyers. They are instrumental in filing fraudulent claims under the PIP law…

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Florida Commercial Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is mandatory, and it can be managed very easily by making use of online resources. If you are doing business in Florida, you should get protection with the commercial auto insurance. Florida is the top destination to attract tourists, businesspeople, and commerce. People throng to this state from all over the world and various states in the US. As vehicles are used to conduct business, you should ensure that there is proper coverage. There will be various services offered by companies, and more than one car will be present on the road.

Car insurance

There should be at least $50,000 of coverage for vehicles weighing in between 26,000 and 35,000 pounds. It covers personal damage liability and bodily liability insurance. If the weight of the truck is more than 44,000 pounds, there should be coverage of at least $300,000. To use these vehicles for business, you should subscribe to commercial vehicle insurance. If you want to use the car for business in Florida, you should ensure that the vehicle is insured even though the vehicle serves as personal auto…

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Traffic tickets and effects on auto insurance premiums in Florida

Traffic tickets come in varied severity. Minor the moving violation, lesser the impact on your insurance premiums. Moving violations affect auto insurance premiums rather than when your vehicle is parked or not moving. To what extent premiums go up is not exactly predictable and it depends on the insurance company and its policies. Your driving record is an  important contributing factor in determining your auto insurance premiums.

There are several things you can inorder this not to affect your auto insurance premium as described in the article below.

How to compensate for traffic violations to not reflect on insurance premiums?

Dos and Dont’s – Hurricane Irma

While our heart goes out to the plight of residents in Texas dealing with the loss of life, and damages caused by Hurricane Harvey, we appreciate the wisdom of the governor of Florida to declare an emergency well ahead if hurricane Irma decides to strike.

Here is a list of things you should do now to be prepared:

Dos and Dont’s – Hurricane Irma


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