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If you just moved to Florida or you bought a car, you can start the process of getting cheap Florida car insurance quotes right here! At Florida Insurance Now, we make the process very simple and painless…simply submit basic information and our database will analyze what Florida car insurance companies will best meet your needs. Then you get to compare up to five Florida car insurance companies to decide which one gives you the best coverage for the lowest rate!

We choose only the companies that can insure you for Florida auto insurance, and our Florida insurance agents are specially trained for Florida auto insurance so that they can be sure you have what you are required. Florida has different auto insurance rules than most states, and it takes a specialized Florida auto insurance agent to make sure you are getting proper coverage.

Some of the coverages that are available to you for Florida Car Insurance are as follows:

• Comprehensive
• Glass
• Collision
• Medical Payments
• Bodily Injury
• Property Damage
• Uninsured Motorists
• Under-Insured Motorists
• Rental
• Roadside
• Florida SR-22
• Florida FR-44

Florida is a no-fault auto insurance state so you are going to want to make sure you have proper Florida car insurance. Just because you have the minimum the state asks for does not mean you are properly covered, so be sure to allow our specialty Florida car insurance agents to help you customize your Florida auto policy.

It all starts by simply entering your zip code in the form at the top. Within a few moments, Florida Insurance Quotes will provide you with a list of insurers that meet your criteria. Cheap auto insurance doesn’t have to mean poor coverage. Start now to see what great coverage you can get!

  • Florida Auto Insurance Fraud

    By taking advantage of soft regulations in Florida, the auto insurance fraud has become very familiar. As the personal injury protection claims are inflated, the cost of insurance will also increase. Thus, policyholders will pay a higher rate of insurance. As a matter of fact, no fault laws are introduced to lower the cost of insurance. It is intended to keep the claims out of court. As per the no-fault laws applicable in Florida, insurers should cover the injury costs regardless of who is at fault.

    Burden on insurers

    Insurers should pay $10,000 per person under Florida’s law. As the insurer should pay regardless of the injury, staging an accident has become very common in Florida. Scammers utilize this opportunity, and the number of claims is increasing at a continuous pace. Thus, it led to the increase in average no-fault claim costs. It is noticed that criminal groups have set up rings comprising of fraud clinics fraudulent doctors and lawyers. They are instrumental in filing fraudulent claims under the PIP law.

    Efforts are made by organizations such as Insurance Information Institute and the Sunshine Alliance to limit the fraudulent practice. It has suggested about bringing sound regulations and substantial penalties. Steps should be taken to prevent fraudulent claims from medical mills. Fraudulent insurance claims plague Florida’s insurance market.

    No-fault auto insurance

    Insurance Information Institute examines no-fault auto insurance. It studies the implementation in several states. If you are a victim of the no-fault auto insurance, you should be able to recognize the signs of a staged accident.

    If you feel that you are involved in an auto accident and do not get the feeling, you should understand that it is not an accident at all. Criminals are devising staged plans to siphon off funds from the insurance companies. In this process, they are filing fake insurance claims.

    When there are many staged accidents, it will affect the prospect of original policyholder as well. The subscriber should pay a higher insurance premium in the coming days. Auto insurers will lose billions of dollars in this process. On the other hand, unsafe conditions are created on the road.

    There will be attempts to target innocent drivers to produce staged auto accidents. People who are committing fraud can cause serious injuries or death. There are other ways to commit fraud.

    Commitment of fraud

    Various individuals might commit the fraud. These parties include policyholders, third-party claimants, and professionals. Experts will provide services and equipment. Some of the common fraud practices include padding, inflating claims and misrepresentation of facts.

    They might submit a request for injury or damage which never took place. Some people will make requests for services which were never rendered. It is found that fraudulent claims are more prevalent in the urban area. The claims will be more in areas where the number of vehicles is high. Such kind of frauds is more in areas where affluent people live.

    Commercial vehicles, new vehicles, and rental vehicles will be targeted as they will be very much insured. Senior citizens and women driving ... Read more..

  • Florida Commercial Auto Insurance

    Florida Commercial Auto InsuranceAuto insurance is mandatory, and it can be managed very easily by making use of online resources. If you are doing business in Florida, you should get protection with the commercial auto insurance. Florida is the top destination to attract tourists, businesspeople, and commerce. People throng to this state from all over the world and various states in the US. As vehicles are used to conduct business, you should ensure that there is proper coverage. There will be various services offered by companies, and more than one car will be present on the road.

    Car insurance

    There should be at least $50,000 of coverage for vehicles weighing in between 26,000 and 35,000 pounds. It covers personal damage liability and bodily liability insurance. If the weight of the truck is more than 44,000 pounds, there should be coverage of at least $300,000. To use these vehicles for business, you should subscribe to commercial vehicle insurance. If you want to use the car for business in Florida, you should ensure that the vehicle is insured even though the vehicle serves as personal auto.

    You should be aware of the market statistics in Florida. The average annual income in Florida is $34,955. 40% of the goods will go to the State for in and out movements, and transport is the largest industry in Florida. 15% of the crashes that take place in Florida are involved with cargo vans.

    There are many businesses in the state, and the population of the Florida is also high. As accidents will take place on an everyday basis, you should take steps to protect your commercial vehicle at the earliest. There will be a loss to the extent of thousands of dollars with minor accidents as well. Hence, you should go for best coverage.


    There are some policies prepared to get protection from most of the common risk factors faced by commercial vehicles. The policy covers liability, collision, and includes underinsured and uninsured motorist. The comprehensive insurance is termed as other than collision. Various incidents such as fire, arson, theft, and impact with animals will be covered through the comprehensive insurance. The coverage includes with damage other than vehicles.

    Businesses can take advantage of ‘uninsured and underinsured motorist’ coverage. As a matter of fact, everyone will not purchase insurance. If your employee is involved in an accident with someone who is not insured, the business should pay from the pocket. It can be avoided by choosing the uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

    To protect your business from bodily injury and property damage, you should go for liability insurance. Medical expenses and legal costs that arise from the accident will be covered in this process. If you go for collision insurance, your vehicle will be back on the road at the earliest. The repairs will be done very easily, and there will be rental coverage options as well.

    Insurance for large trucks

    Large commercial trucks should go for unique vehicle insurance. To satisfy the ... Read more..

  • Florida Auto Insurance Requirements

    florida auto insurance requirementsFlorida auto insurance coverage is required for every vehicle with 4 or more wheels. The proof of coverage should be present with you to drive a car on the road. In this context, you should be aware of the minimum auto insurance subscription as well. The minimum should be $10,000 PIP and $10,000 PDL. In addition to the regular premium that you pay towards personal injury protection and property damage liability, you should want to go for body injury liability (BIL) if you are involved in a crash or convicted of any offense.

    Best auto insurance rates

    To find the best auto insurance rates, you can make use of online resources. You can get free quotes from licensed Florida insurers. It is very much important to purchase vehicle insurance policy from Florida DMV. When you go through the information provided by insurance companies, you will be able to exercise many options so that the plan can be customized as per your needs.

    The additional riders you can apply in this context include collision and comprehensive coverage. There might be uninsured as well as underinsured motorists’ coverage. The insurance premium is based on many factors which include your age, driving record, location, and kind of car. Better rates can be managed if your drivers’ license is in good condition.

    The insurance rate will increase if you live in a big city. The increase in premium is directly proportion to the congestion of roads in towns and cities. When roads are congested, the possibility to get involved in accidents will also be very high. There will be different rates for a different driver. The rate obtained by your friend will be different from your rate even though you are living in the same location with same occupation and the same type of car. Hence, you should understand the complexity of auto insurance and should go for it as it is legally binding on you.

    PIP (personal injury protection)

    Injury-related expenses are covered through PIP. The coverage will be regardless of who was at fault in the accident. Through coverage, there will be compensation for medical costs, lost wages, funeral expenses, and lost services. The bodily injury liability is required for individual drivers. Negligent drivers should go for BIL.

    If there is a serious or permanent injury to others through your crash, BIL will help you manage expenses. In the case of bodily harm, the insurance company will pay $10,000 per person, and it should not be more than $20,000 in total. It is possible to pay $10,000 per person through the BIL coverage.

    Significance of location

    The auto insurance premium is based on the site. If you know your state insurance requirements, you can go for right kind of car insurance. You should be aware of the common coverage levels so that you can make the most of your money. If you are familiar with various kinds of insurance products, you can settle for the best plan without any ... Read more..

  • How to insure your vehicle very efficiently?


    If you own a vehicle and register it, you are required to have vehicle insurance as well. It is mandatory as per the law. The risk coverage will be done very efficiently with the insurance plan. For personal injury protection, the minimum coverage is $10,000. The property damage liability is $10,000 and it should be held as long as you manage the Florida license plate.

    Adequate protection

    You should be aware of Florida Auto Insurance Laws so that you can go for most appropriate insurance plan. If you purchase collision insurance, you should want to go for out of pocket expenses to repair or replace the vehicle. If the damage to the car is more than $10, 000 or driver is at fault by driving without any insurance or you are the cause of the accident, you should want to pay expenses.

    PIP (Personal Injury Protection) is also known as Florida No Fault insurance. It will cover you regardless of the fault. the coverage will take place up to the limits of your policy. The PIP will cover the child as well. It will also cover other family members and other passengers if they do not own a vehicle. If there are people who have their own PIP ride in your vehicle, the coverage will be received under their own PIP. The coverage will be extended to certain licensed drivers as well who drive with your permission.

    The PIP will give protection to your child if she meets with an accident while riding on a school bus. You will get PIP protection while riding in someone else’s vehicle or as a pedestrian. If you suffer from any kind of injury involving a motor vehicle, the coverage will be extended. As per Florida Auto Insurance Laws, you are required to hold PIP/PDL insurance throughout the licensing as well as registration period.

    BIL (Bodily Injury Liability)

    very serious and permanent injury will be covered by the bodily injury liability. If you are the cause of the crash involving an automobile, the insurance company will pay to the injured person on behalf of you. The coverage will be extended even if you are driving someone else’s vehicle. The coverage will be extended to others who drive with your permission. If you are sued by the injured party, there will be legal defense as well.

    PDL (Property Damage Liability)

    The damage that is inflicted by you or the members of the family will be covered through the PDL. the liability towards others property will be covered.

    You should be aware of various terms that are used by the insurance company as well as the state regulator. If a policy is delivered or issued in Florida towards insurance, it is called as Florida Coverage. The company which is licensed by Florida Department of Financial Services will deliver the insurance policy.

    Frequently asked questions

    Can I claim the insurance policy issues in previous state of residence?

    No. the minimum policy should be issued by an insurance company which is authorized to issue policy in the state of Florida. ... Read more..

  • How to choose the best vehicle insurance in Florida?

    It is mandatory to have an auto insurance plan so that there will not be any legal issues. In order to make the most of your auto insurance, you should shop for it in a very efficient way. There are various kinds of products offered by innumerable companies. When you choose the best company and best product, your needs will be fulfilled and it is possible to save money as well. You are advised to explore insurance options even before the purchase of the vehicle so that the vehicle maintenance will not be a burdensome task.

    Comparison of insurance quotes

    Before subscribing to an Auto Insurance Florida, you should make use of the comparison service offered by the best service provider. The comparison should be done without any bias. You should be aware of the make and model of the vehicle. The type of insurance and price can be narrowed down when you have access to in-depth information.

    The value of the car is determined by the condition of the car and the make and model of the car. The location, age, driving experience and frequency of travel will also influence the insurance quote. If you are going to spend your holidays in Florida, you are advised to register in another state so that there will be great savings. Teenagers and poorly paid adults will go for personal insurance which is also known as PLPD. The minimum insurance coverage requirements will be met with this kind of insurance.

    The insurance rate will increase if you are speeding your car. As per the research it is found that you will obtain a ticket if the car is speeding. The probability to get a ticket in Florida due to speeding is higher than any other state. The driving should not be too fast as per the road circumstances.

    Online insurance

    Now, it is possible to purchase Auto Insurance Florida online. You can get a quote for auto insurance in less than 10 minutes. Thus, the legal obligation can be fulfilled very easily. There will not be financial suffering when you make use of the online insurance. If there is no insurance, accidents will be very expensive.

    By choosing an appropriate vehicle insurance plan, the expenditure will be minimized. The best insurance policy will cover the risk to the highest possible extent. The vehicle replacement cost will be covered substantially. The pain and suffering associated with various kinds of overhead charges will be minimized.

    The medical bills will be covered when you go for right kind of insurance coverage. Thousands of dollars can be saved in this context. The vehicle replacement cost will be covered prominently so that there will not be any issues. The financial stability is not risked when the insurance is subscribed as per your needs. If you have a proper auto insurance cover, you will not be treated as ‘high risk’ for the rest of your driving career. The future insurance plans will not be expensive when you go for right kind of insurance coverage.

    If there is ... Read more..

  • Top tips to find the right auto insurance company in Jacksonville

    If you are a car owner, you have to mandatorily take an auto insurance policy to provide you coverage against any unfortunate event like an accident in the future. Since this is quite a sensitive subject, you should be very careful while choosing an auto insurance policy. When your car meets with an accident, you should have a policy that doesn’t create any panic in you. Hence you should choose an insurance company that provides you seamless service at times of adversities. There are many auto insurance companies in Jacksonville that claim to give you good coverage. So how do you choose one among these? Read on to know more.

    Compare quotes

    This is one of the tips that one must follow while choosing a car insurance company in Jacksonville. Never choose the first company that approaches you, without doing any research. Call up at least 3 or 5 decent car insurance companies in Jacksonville and get their quotes. Compare their quotes against the services offered and choose the one offers good value for your money. This way, you can be sure that you are tying up with a reliable name to help you in the case of adversities. You could also check with your friends and relatives about their car insurance company in Jacksonville and get their reviews, which will help you to a great extent when coming up with your decision.


    This is an important factor that you have to consider when choosing one of the best car insurance companies in Jacksonville. Choose companies that are flexible and one that offers you lots of provisions for adding, removing or modifying names in the policy later on. Also, some companies offer you good discounts based on how well you are maintaining your vehicle, how well you drive on the road etc. Choose companies like these that provide you value-added services. Auto insurance policy is one which needs constant review. So at any time during a year, you should be able to modify your policy details. Therefore you need to choose an auto insurance company in Jacksonville, which provides you ultimate flexibility.

    Ratings and Complaints

    When you choose an auto insurance company in Jacksonville or anywhere else, you should check the internet thoroughly for the ratings of the company. Government regulated insurance organisations usually rate all insurance companies based on their claim settlement process, financial performance, reputation and relevant details. Choose companies that have been given a high rating in order to get the best auto insurance policy. Also, check to see the complaint ratio of these companies. They form an important deciding factor when it comes to choosing a good auto insurance company in Jacksonville.

    An auto insurance policy that suits your friend may not suit you. Hence, do good research and choose an auto insurance company, where you will get maximum coverage for a reasonable amount of premium. This way, you can be assured of your safety and your car’s safety as well, in the unfortunate event of an accident.

    Read more..