Part 2 – Comparing and choosing the best Auto Insurance Scheme in Florida

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Here is a primer for the different types of insurance products to (OR determine and get cheap auto insurance in Florida) understand auto Insurance in Florida. This segment will help you do an intelligent what-if analysis to get the appropriate coverage on top of the minimum mandatory insurance of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Personal Damage Liability (PDL) of 10,000 dollars each.

It is important to bear in mind that Florida is a “no fault” state and if involved in an accident or incident where property damage  and/or bodily injury occurs the insurance coverage has to be adequate to cover costs both of property damage, bodily injury whether you are at fault or not. The insurance company is responsible to pay up to the policy limit less the deductible. We will help you to have the optimum auto insurance coverage at the cheapest price.

Comprehensive and Collision coverage in Florida:  Together they offer coverage to cover your own “physical damage” expenses if you are involved in a crash (collision) or damages incurred otherwise. For ex: theft, vandalism, flooding.  Comprehensive coverage differs from each insurance company.   Being a no fault insurance state, this type of coverage is a no-brainer if you have a brand new or high value car, or you drive a lot, or live in a high accident prone area.  If you are leasing a car you will have to have this coverage. Usually comprehensive and collision insurance are sold together, but you can buy only comprehensive or collision only depending on your situation also. 

Glass : Thanks to a Florida statuette 627.7288, replacing the windshield is totally free to the customer with a comprehensive policy. Means the deductible is waived only if you have a comprehensive policy.  This waiver applies only to the wind shield. Any other glass replacement (sides or back), the deductible will kick in.  If you do not have comprehensive coverage any kind of auto glass replacement has to be fully paid.

Under Insured and Uninsured Motorist Insurance in Florida. With  1 in 5 motorists being under insured/uninsured, this is coverage to consider especially if you live in a county where the incidence is high.  This insurance will pay for you and your loved ones medical related bills, lost wages, alteration to the house required due to injury, etc. caused by an under insured or uninsured motorist in an accident.  Florida has the highest rates of uninsured/under insured motorists.  A large percentage of Florida insurance policies have a limit of 25,000/person or lower, which is not much these days.  So this is essential coverage if your life style involves lots of driving, and live in a county with a high incidence of uninsured/under insured motorist incidents. 

PIP and Medical Payments in Florida: With the statutory coverage of 10,000 for personal injury being very low buying additional coverage to pay for medical payments is something not to be shirked at. This supplemental insurance is available at a reasonable cost also.

Bodily Injury Liability Insurance in Florida: Also known as BI is mandatory to drivers who have been convicted of DUI. Depending on when the conviction happened the coverage amount per person and maximum limit varies. You must have BI coverage continuously for 3 years after driving privilege is reinstated.   If you choose not to buy such coverage, be aware that Florida’s financial responsibility law requires that a person, who has caused an accident, must and should pay $10,000 per person and $20,000 per accident. You will lose driving privileges if this condition is not met. You are also liable to pay for any property damage and bodily injuries to reinstate driving privileges.  Buying this coverage also lets you buy under insured/uninsured insurance.

Rental and Roadside assistance coverage in Florida: Having these two makes your coverage complete.  Rental insurance pays for rental car in case of an incidence. Roadside assistance comes in basic mode where assistance is provided if you have a flat. Or coverage can be extensive including fuel, locked out assistance, towing etc.

Florida SR-22, Florida FR-44, DUI: We can help you deal with reinstating insurance  and filing documentation for proof of coverage.

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