What are the best dental plans in Florida right now?

Searching for the best dental insurance in Florida is always a bit of an uphill battle.

For starters, the overwhelming majority of the insurance industry in Florida (as well as the insurance industry throughout the United States, for that matter) is significantly more focused on health insurance rather than dental insurance.

When hunting for dental insurance plans in Florida it can the easy to feel as though these kinds of packages are “throw ins”, ancillary coverage that gets added to your health insurance for a nominal fee – the kind of dental insurance that never gives you the protection or coverage you deserve, regardless of how inexpensive it may appear to be.

Maybe you are starting a new family and want to make sure that everyone is protected and has the opportunity to smile the healthiest smile possible, or maybe you are a senior living in Florida that wants to make sure that you’re able to keep your real teeth for as long as possible – perhaps supplementing with dental implants to shore up your smile. Or maybe you’re just someone that wants to make sure that your short and long-term health prospects are never derailed because of dental hygiene concerns.

At the end of the day, it’s a lot harder to land the perfect dental insurance plan in Florida then most people expect.

Thankfully though, by choosing to work only with a top-tier insurance company like Florida Insurance Now, a lot of the confusion, and a lot of the frustration, and a lot of the anxiety involved in the search for the perfect dental plan goes right out the window.

These professionals will help you find the best dental plan in Florida for your specific needs and your specific budget, regardless of how much or how little coverage you are looking to protect yourself with moving forward.

The trick to finding the best dental insurance carriers in Florida

Right out of the gate, you’re going to want to make sure that you are considering the needs of each individual that is going to be added to your dental insurance plan BEFORE you start to seek out insurance in the first place.

Each individual member of your family to be included on the best dental insurance in Florida should be able to take advantage of preventative care. Regular examinations, x-rays, and cleanings should be included across the board.

If children are to be added to your dental insurance policy, you’ll want to make sure that any necessary extras that protect young and developing smiles are included as well. We’re talking about extra fluoride treatments, sealants, and the ability to visit with a professional orthodontist if any corrective measures are needed to transform a young smile into a picture-perfect one.

Orthodontic coverage should be included if you have young children, even if they haven’t visited the dentist yet.

Adults taking advantage of this coverage are going to want to make sure that there are options for teeth sensitivity solutions, gum disease solutions, and coverage that allows for the pulling and replacement of teeth that aren’t doing your smile any good.

Seniors leveraging the best dental insurance in Florida are going to want to make sure that their health is protected, with specific coverage that treats mouth health and dental hygiene conditions that could negatively impact their overall well-being as well as preventative care solutions to protect them from these risks in the first place.

Not every family is going to have the same needs when it comes to the insurance that they leverage. Really sit down and think about how you and your family are going to use the dental insurance going forward and then hunt for plans that offer areas of coverage that will meet and exceed those needs.

Getting your hands on dental insurance in Florida with no waiting periods

One of the hidden surprises that a lot of dental insurance customers are learning first-hand is that their coverage may not always kick in just as soon as they make their first payment, and that sometimes there can be and up to 30 day waiting period before they are coverage is enacted.

Obviously, you’ll want to understand exactly when your insurance “goes live” – particularly if you are expecting or anticipating having to visit the dentist in the near future or if you want to make sure that you and your loved ones are protected from dental emergencies ASAP.

According to information published by Guardian Life in 2016, there are some dental insurance plans in the Florida insurance market that are going to have waiting periods of between 3 months and 12 months following enrollment before benefits are paid out.

These are some of the more extreme waiting periods that you’ll want to be on the lookout for, but it’s important to know that these kinds of super long waiting periods do exist in the Florida market – and it’s just as important that you read the fine print of your dental insurance agreement before signing on the dotted line to avoid that kind of headache.

It’s also important to differentiate what the waiting periods in your dental insurance policy are applied to.

Preventative care – regular examinations, annual checkups, x-rays, routine cleanings, and other simple and straightforward dental procedures – are almost never locked into any kind of waiting period, even if other parts of your dental coverage are.

Basic procedures – having fillings put into your smile, simple and straightforward extractions, and deeper cleanings – will usually have between three months a three-month waiting period associated with them.

Major procedures (which dental professionals usually describe as “restorative procedures”, particularly those that often require more than a single visit and appointment to successfully complete) usually have the longest waiting periods associated with them.

Thankfully though, companies like Florida Insurance Now are able to offer the best dental insurance in Florida without any waiting periods whatsoever.

This is going to allow you to protect your family, your loved ones, and yourself with dental insurance that kicks in almost immediately, and at the very latest 24 hours after your payment has been received you are active enroll in this dental insurance plan.

These are the kinds of plans that you should be seeking out, particularly if you have young children that are likely to need to visit the dentist in the near future or seniors that may find themselves dealing with a dental emergency out of the clear blue sky.

If you have young children, get dental insurance in Florida that includes orthodontics coverage

Most parents go into the dental insurance shopping process understanding that they are going to have to take advantage of dental insurance in Florida that also includes orthodontic care, guaranteeing that their children are able to grow up with a picture-perfect smile without breaking their parents bank account along the way – even if those children haven’t even visited the dentist for the first time yet!

Adults are also learning that there are advantages to keep carrying orthodontic coverage at their children get older, and some are even learning that they may need to take advantage of this kind of coverage and protection as well!

You see, orthodontic insurance provides benefits that go far beyond your standard braces installation and maintenance procedures.

Orthodontists can help to manage, reshape, and remold a smile at almost any stage of life, even if they do the overwhelming majority of their work with younger children. Invisible braces, retainers, and other nontraditional orthodontic hardware solutions can be taken advantage of by adults as well as children, helping to bring a smile that has gone out of alignment back into place.

There are a couple of questions you’ll want to ask before you add orthodontic insurance to your dental insurance plan, however.

For starters, you want to figure out if there are going to be any early or lifetime maximum benefit limits associated with your orthodontic coverage. The best dental insurance in Florida will not have these kinds of limits, or will have limits that you likely aren’t going to hit – but it’s still something that you are going to want to research.

You never want to discover that some of your children may not have their orthodontic visits covered by your dental insurance just because you hit your lifetime or maximum limits already.

Secondly, you’ll want to make sure that your orthodontic coverage is going to be applicable to everyone that is covered by the insurance to begin with.

Believe it or not, there are some insurance companies out there that will only allow orthodontic coverage for children while excluding adults on the same dental insurance plan. Oftentimes those companies will allow adults to pay quite a bit extra for orthodontic coverage as well, but that’s something that you’ll have to weigh before you sign on the dotted line and jump right in.

It’s also important to look into the waiting periods that may be associated with orthodontic coverage. Most orthodontic dental insurance options are going to have at least a three-month waiting period associated with them, which is why it is so advantageous for parents to get dental insurance with orthodontic coverage long before their children are ever going to actually have to visit the orthodontist in the first place.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that there aren’t any restrictions on the orthodontists that your coverage is going to be applicable with. If there are restrictions, you’ll need to verify that the orthodontist you want working on your smile or the smile of your children are inside the same specific health network.

If not, you’ll need to hunt for the best dental insurance in Florida that will.

Hunting for top dental insurance in Florida for seniors offers?

Senior citizens that have insurance through Medicare or Medicaid (or some combination of the two) are regularly under the impression that their dental insurance is protected under that same umbrella coverage – which may or may not be the case in all situations or scenarios.

At the same time, as we age and get older our teeth begin to lose sensitivity, begin to deteriorate faster (depending upon how lifelong dental hygiene habits), and health issues that began in our mouths have a greater potential to spread throughout the rest of our body and cause real harm.

According to Humana (one of the largest insurance companies on the planet) the original Medicare plan – both Part A and Part B – does not have dental coverage for essential services that seniors may have to take advantage of.

We’re talking about dental services that include:

• Routine dental examinations and annual visits
• Regular and routine dental cleanings
• Dental procedures that may involve fillings or crowns to be placed in teeth
• Dental procedures that may involve bridges, plates, or dentures to replace teeth

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as the gaps in coverage that the Original Medicare plan has yet to remedy.

Seniors looking to protect themselves may want to supplement their coverage through Medicare with the Medicare Advantage plan. This is going to be a little bit costlier, but it often includes coverage that provides most of your dental basics.

Supplemental insurance is usually the way to go, especially when you’re able to find the best dental insurance in Florida that isn’t going to break your bank account or your monthly budget but will provide you with the coverage that you are after.

Many of these plans are described by insurance companies as “MediGap” insurance plans, filling in the gaps in Medicare without causing your monthly budget any undue stress or pressure.

Florida Insurance Now has a variety of these plans tailored to seniors throughout Florida that deserve this coverage and protection, guaranteeing that our seniors aren’t ever left exposed to dental and medical risks that they shouldn’t be exposed to in the first place.

Dental Discount Plans, standard dental insurance plans, and dental emergency plans can also be taken advantage of by seniors to guarantee that they aren’t ever pressured with a financial burden just to guarantee that their dental health is taken care of.

Be sure you look into emergency dental insurance services if you aren’t looking for full-time coverage

According to the American Dental Association, more than 114 million Americans are currently without any dental coverage whatsoever.

It’s not that Americans aren’t prioritizing their dental health or well-being the same way that they prioritize healthcare, but a lot of it has to do with the fact that dental coverage plans aren’t always obvious about the protections that they offer or have extended wait periods associated with that make them difficult to take advantage of until months after enrollment.

On top of that your average American is only visiting the dentist once a year (if that). The overwhelming majority of these dental patients are only going in for a routine cleaning and inspection and do not anticipate anything negative happening to their smile anytime soon. Many of them float the cost of these dental procedures “out-of-pocket” and hope for the best moving forward.

what happens if you find yourself in the middle of a dental emergency without the best dental insurance in Florida?

Here are some tips and tricks to help you better navigate these emergency situations.

Understand whether or not you are dealing with an urgent emergency or something else entirely

Dental emergencies are legitimate medical emergencies, the kinds of emergencies that need to be addressed by a professional dentist ASAP. These kinds of emergencies include, but aren’t limited to:

• A permanent tooth that is loose or has been knocked out your mouth
• Significant damage to any of your teeth, including chipping, breaking, splitting, etc.
• Any painful sensations that last for a significant amount of time, aches, or swelling that never seems to dissipate
• Injuries to your jaw, difficulty chewing, or difficulty opening or closing your mouth
• Bleeding that is excessive or caused by minor contacts with your teeth or gums

If you aren’t dealing with a time sensitive emergency you may be able to deal with the waiting periods associated with a more traditional dental insurance plan.

If, on the other hand, you are staring down the barrel of a full-blown emergency you’ll want to make sure you get your hands on proper dental emergency protection from an insurance company like Florida Insurance Now to limit your out-of-pocket expense.

It’s also advantageous to look into any type of financing plan that your emergency dental office may be willing to provide. From time to time, these professionals will offer a much lower cash only payment for their services, but even if they aren’t willing to go that far many of them will routinely allow you to pay for your procedure in installments. This is a lot more manageable than having to fork over all of the money for a procedure up front.

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